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Florida Family Title, LLC, is a title agent established with First American Title Insurance Company. The First American Title Insurance Company dates back to 1889 with an excellent reputation, experience, efficient, financially sound and technologically advanced. Together, we have successfully closed millions of dollars of real estate.


You will find Florida Family Title’s fees are very competitive within the marketplace. Please call us for more information and a free Preliminary HUD or Closing Statement.

Additionally, when you supply us with a prior Owner’s Title Insurance Policy we offer a re-issue credit. The full re-issue credit applies to you as the owner, if you have owned the property for three years or less. For Refinances, we give a full re-issue credit.


Florida Family Title is happy to receive escrow deposits on Sales Contracts and/or Option Contracts. We request that all escrow checks be in the form of a Cashier’s Check and made payable to Florida Family Title, LLC. If you choose, you may also wire your escrow deposit to our account. (Please call for wiring instructions: 863-937-9126). If you are sending an International Wire, please make adjustments for any applicable rate of exchange fees.

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